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When It Comes to Affirmative Action and Affirmative Action Plans,
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With over 30 years experience preparing Affirmative Action Plans we can complete your plan quickly, professionally, and affordably!
State of Michigan pays $115k to settle EEOC Age Discrimination Suit
If you are a federal contractor or sub-contractor, you probably have to complete a written Affirmative Action Plan annually. Who is a federal contractor? If you receive funds from the federal government, in all likelihood your business is a federal contractor. You can download detailed information on who is a federal contractor by downloading our Guide.
Walmart pays $200M to settle Nationwide Hiring Discrimination Case
If you don't have an Affirmative Action Plan and your are required to have one by law, you are taking a big risk. Each year, the EEOC accesses millions of dollars in fines.
We take the guesswork out of preparing your AAP. See all your costs on our prices page by clicking the link above!
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